Zambi Wildlife Retreat is a very unique animal welfare charity. We are a resort style retirement retreat for animals that have retired from the circus, entertainment industry, zoo breeding programs and private ownership. While our focus is on exotic animals (mainly big cats) we also offer shelter to domestic, farm and native wildlife needing a forever home. 

Managed by highly qualified staff and volunteers, Zambi Wildlife Retreat ensures the health, safety and dignity to all animals in our care. 

While Zambi is not open for public walk-ins, we do offer exclusive visits by appointment only. Zambi has been created for the animals peace, safety and comfort and because of this we will only open our doors 3 days a week for small groups of up to 6 persons only. Please visit our booking page for more information. 

ZWR operates as a registered charity in NSW (Australia). CF23435

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Last year, three lions, Kovu, Masie and Kiara were retired from Lennon Bros circus, after 15 years as performing members of the travelling family.

The Lennon family and Zambi Wildlife Retreat signed an agreement late last year to give the three majestic creatures a ‘forever home’ at the retreat.

EXCITING NEWS! Zambi is building a world class Australian Native Animal Rehabilitation facility so we can help more animals in need.


For all animals to live an enriched life and be treated with respect, understanding and kindness.


Animal Welfare is our passion and our mission is to provide a high standard of care to animals in need.

Zambi’s goals are to create enriching habitats for captive animals needing a forever home, increase human empathy, and raise awareness of animal species through experience and education.

Latest News

Lions at Play!

Retired circus lions Kiara and Masie having a great time rolling all over the plants in their new home.

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Cooling Off

Zoran lounging in his pool is a very relaxing sight to see when you visit Zambi during the warmer months.

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Kota's New Home

Take a tour of our beautiful old puma, Kota’s new enclosure. 

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