Who We Are

In 2012, Donna, Traci and Silke got together and decided it was time to start fulfilling a life long dream: an animal welfare establishment that would become a retreat for exotic animals retired from the zoo, circus and entertainment industries. They also wanted to operate a rescue and rehabilitation facility for all species in need, which would also include domestic, farm and native animals.

LOTL Rescue's main aim by all directors was to establish a retreat where animals that had nowhere to go could be offered a new forever home for their retirement. Zambi Wildlife Retreat was born!

Based upon the love for animals - this vision quickly became a reality and LOTL Rescue was born: Australia's new animal welfare charity!

The directors come from a wealth of knowledge within the animal industry and operating domestic and international successful businesses. This solid foundation of business and industry knowledge plus determination to fullfil a lifelong dream has seen the charity grow from strength to strength, operating now from a 50 acre property in Western Sydney.

Silke Bader, Founding director of LOTL Rescue limited. 

Now sits on the Zambi Advisory Committee. 

Life member of ZWR for work contributed.

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