Open Colleges, Australia’s leading online learning provider, has partnered with expert wildlife rehabilitation and rescue centre, Zambi Wildlife Retreat, to offer students an amazing opportunity to work with exotic animals as part of their studies.

Open Colleges offer over 150 flexible online courses, including qualifications specifically designed for students wishing to work with rare and exotic wildlife, in a zoo-keeping capacity.

These include the nationally recognised:

The flexible nature of Open Colleges’ courses means that students get a high-quality education meeting strict industry standards, while at the same time having the ability to fit study around their busy lifestyles.

Zambi Wildlife Retreat, located in Western Sydney, has chosen to partner with Open Colleges because of the excellence of education its students receive, as well as its commitment to ensuring students are completely work-ready when they graduate.

To learn more about Captive Animal courses and the exciting work placements you could be involved in, check-out the course pages on the Open Colleges website.

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