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Zambi Wildlife Retreat will become Australia's first and only animal welfare establishment that can Rescue, Rehabilitate, Re-home and offer Shelter to a wide range of species

While our focus will be on exotic animals needing retirement from zoo breeding programs, circus and private ownership, we will also provide care and shelter to domestics, farm animals and native wildlife. Emergency rescue is available across all species

Managed by highly qualified staff and volunteers, Zambi Wildlife Retreat ensures the health, saftey and dignity to all animals in our care. LOTL Rescue, established in 2012, is the founding company of Zambi Wildlife Retreat. 

 ZWR operates as a registered charity in NSW (Australia). CF23435


Each day we receive inquiries about how the public can visit the retreat and meet the animals that the Zambi staff, volunteers and students so lovingly care for. Unfortunately, as much as we would all love to invite you to visit we are not permitted by law. 

Currently we are applying for a permit to construct an animal display establishment with the NSW government. This will enable us to conduct educational classes and seminars, which will help fund the running costs of Zambi Willdife Retreat. This is a slow and tedious process but we are slowly getting through all the paperwork and requirements, including a local council Development Application. 

It is a legal requirement in NSW to hold an authority to exhibit animals to the public. Especially exotic species such as lions and tigers. There are set standards and regulations in place to insure that exhibited animals are displayed in safe, beautiful enclosures and have only experienced qualified people to manage and care for them, so these are great rules to have to abide by. So, as much as it is a headache for us, it is also a benefit for all the animals displayed in parks, zoos and retreats in NSW. The welfare of the animals must take predacent to everything else. 

So in saying this, many of the exotic animals that you see on this page, our Instagram, website, news articles, merchandise and any promotional material are all animals that we manage and care for only under an agreement we have with the current license holders. 

We hope you will all continue to support us on this journey of establishing the Zambi Wildlife Retreat.

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Latest News

Emergency Operation 

On Monday afternoon, during feeding time our keepers found Meekha, one of the tigers that we care for at the retreat, laying flat out in her night den. It soon became obvious that she was having trouble breathing and on closer inspection a puncture wound was found on her side.

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Njaro and his Lionesses

After many weeks of careful planning the very handsome male lion, Njaro is no longer a bachelor. 

Forming new prides in a captive situation is never easy, the process requires extensive planning, knowledge of the species and an understanding of the individual animals. 

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The Passing of a Majestic Animal

This month we lost a beautiful old tiger named Winsor. Known for his progeny all around Australia and at almost 20 years of age he had
been living out his retirement from the breeding industry.

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2016 Annual Calendar

Inspired by Zambi Wildlife Retreat's incredible dedication to animal welfare, Nicole Slater had the opportunity to get up close and personal to some of its wonderful residents and create our 2016 calendar. 

Nicole has worked first hand with Zambi's Retreat so she knows every dollar is well spend to make a difference in the lives of these animals. 

If you are an animal lover and want to help Zambi provide the best possible environment for theses amazing creatures, then here is your opportunity to show your support. 

Purchase Nicole Slater's 2016 calendar and 100% of the proceeds will go the Zambi.

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